Father Joe's Message for August 2018



We are told in psalm 34 to “taste and see how good the Lord is.”  The Latin word for taste is sapere, which has a very special meaning.  It means to be wise enough to “savor”.


When we hear the word “savor”, we think of enjoying food such as a succulent orange or enjoying a special glass of wine.  When we savor something, we slow down, we take special notice and give it our full attention.   It can’t be rushed.


The psalmist encourages us to savor the goodness of God.   So, we begin by being more aware of how good God is to us.  There is so much that we take for granite.

Each day it would be helpful for us to take the time to notice how God showed His goodness to us.   Once we are aware of something special, we should savor the moment.  That means to give this our full attention!   Like tasting good wine, this too can’t be rushed.

The psalm tells us that if we simply reflect on all the good things in our particular life and savor them, this will also lead us to wisdom!

GOD Bless!         

About Father Joseph O. Gouin

In December 1971, Father Joe became pastor at St. Mary Catholic Church in Hermansville with the Mission of St. Mary's Faithorn.

On July 13, 1972, Father Joe was among the five priest assigned to Menominee for the consolidation of parishes. He was assigned as co-pastor with his classmate Father Norman Clisch at the newly formed parish of Resurrection. In July of 1974, he was appointed pastor at Holy Redeemer in Birch Creek and later was also pastor of St. Mary Church in Sobieski.

Father Joe was assigned pastor of American Martyrs in Kingsford in October 1990, where he continues to serve.

He was involved in several special ministries during his years as a priest. In 1967 he helped in developing the COR Weekend Retreat program for high school seniors. He stayed involved for about 10 years. Since returning to American Martyrs, he led the parish involvement in the Rio Bravo Mission in Mexico which helps feed poor families every Thursday throughout the year.

Father Joe is known for his love of fishing. To share one of his fish dinners is a real treat. He gave up deer hunting several years ago.

His favorite scripture passage is Mark 1:17: "Come after me and I will make you fishers of men." He has a special love for the Apostle Peter, whom he choose as his Confirmation name.